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Happy New Wrestling Year!

January 8th, 2013
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Happy New Year! We begin 2013 with a brand new video featuring two of our most popular ladies.

S27 Rhoan vs Silver

Rhoan vs Silver

Two skilled wrestlers face each other for the first time (pin&submission wrestling, topless).

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Four new videos have been just released. All of them are available in high definition (1280×720).

S24 Angie vs Rhoan

Angie vs Rhoan

A very strong newcomer: Angie.

S25 Lhet vs Silver

Lhet vs Silver

Aggressive fighting and a wrestler in tears.


Twin Sisters Wrestling !

February 19th, 2010

S22 Silver vs Goldie

Silver vs Goldie
Silver vs Goldie

Silver brings her twin sister, Goldie, to ManilaFights. We asked them if they wanted to have a match together and they immediately agreed. Silver already had a few competitive matches, so she has a little advantage. Goldie is wrestling for the very first time, but she doesn’t want to be defeated by her sister.

If you think that two twin sisters should be fighting exactly in the same way, think again: they are different and there is a clear winner.

Flyweight Wrestling Champions

February 19th, 2010

New matches are now available for download !

S21 Rhoan vs Lhet

Rhoan vs Lhet

Rhoan vs Lhet

Lhet comes back to ManilaFights after two years. If you saw her past videos, you can’t forget her aggressive wrestling style. Now she’s back with the same fighting spirit, coupled with an even more attractive body.

She challenges Rhoan to a championship match for the flyweight title, as both women weight around 100 lbs. If you like watching a fast-moving match between two petite women, don’t miss this one !

September Wrestling News

September 13th, 2009

September is bringing some good news, after a quiet period:

  • some of the older videos are available for download at a very low price. For a limited time only!
  • two new videos released
  • many new matches have been filmed in the meantime and they will be published in the coming months. You’ll see both new faces and the most experienced fighters