Manila Fights Women Wrestling

Female Wrestling Rules

Each match in the video list is labeled with the type of wrestling contained in it.

Submission Wrestling

Competitive wrestling, where the goal is to force the opponent to give up (submit) by applying painful holds. The level of technical skill, strength and aggression varies from girl to girl, but it's always a real competition, where each fighter is trying to win the match.

Safety rules are in place in order to avoid injuries. Forbidden techniques are striking (like punching and kicking), pulling hair, scratching, biting and chocking.
Almost everything else is allowed in order to gain a submission. The most used holds are scissors, headlocks and sometimes joint locks.

The winner is the first fighter to gain three falls by submission. Short matches may continue with additional falls and long matches may be stopped earlier. In some matches the winner is the fighter gaining most submissions within the time limit, without considering the three-fall rule.

The wrestlers can wear a bikini or fight topless.


Pinning an opponent means trapping her so that her shoulders and her arms are on the mat for 5 seconds. Different techniques can be used for controlling the opponent's body and making sure she can't get free.

In submissions-only matches pins are not used. There are two kinds of competitive matches with pins:

  • Pin and Submission Matches: points can be obtained by either pinning your opponent or making her submit
  • Pin-Only Matches: submissions are not allowed and the only way to gain a fall is by pinning your opponent.

Fantasy Wrestling

A playful form of wrestling, with beautiful girls engaged in light wrestling. The focus is on having fun rather than trying to win the match. It's a sexy wrestling show that doesn't reach the level of competition of submission wrestling.

The wrestlers can wear a bikini or fight topless.


Catfights follow the same rules and restrictions of submission wrestling, but hairpulling and slapping is allowed. The fights tends to be more nasty, but falls are usually won using the classic submission holds.

Sometimes the girls can wear special clothes, like miniskirts, pantyhoses, uniforms, etc.


A test of strength between two girls. They use their right arm first and with their left arm next. In case of draw, they have a third challenge with their right arm. Armwrestling is often done before the wrestling match itself.