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New Wrestling Matches from the Philippines

September 4th, 2010 - Filed under Tournament, Video

Four new videos have been just released. All of them are available in high definition (1280×720).

S24 Angie vs Rhoan

Angie vs Rhoan

A very strong newcomer: Angie.

S25 Lhet vs Silver

Lhet vs Silver

Aggressive fighting and a wrestler in tears.



  1. Love these Filipinas. Lean fighting machines. Look GREAT
    and fight even better.

  2. Rhoan is the best!!

  3. Can I sponsor a girl and pay for her gym and training cost and also maybe travel cost to traving and fight in Future in Europe or USA?

  4. Sponsorships are welcome, but it’s very difficult (if not impossible) for a Filipina woman to get a European or US visa.
    It’s easier to send other wrestlers to the Philippines, but it gets expensive for travel costs plus their time (minimum 3 full days for travel + the actual wrestling).

  5. Would it b possible if I visit Philippines to witness a catfight and or wrestling match between these girls or to meet any of them?

  6. Usually we don’t have spectators while filming matches, since it requires additional organization and care, especially if people are coming from abroad.
    If we’ll decide to get a couple of spectators in the coming tournaments I’ll post a message on this blog.

  7. I have a friend here in the Philippines interested in wrestling in your next tournament. Do you have any upcoming events? 🙂

  8. I am trying to organize a tournament between December and February, but right now I don’t have date set yet.
    You can contact me by email for additional details on how she can take part in the castings.