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Leah in Europe !

August 19th, 2014
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Leah visited Europe last month and she had wrestling matches in France and Italy. ManilaFights is conquering new countries!

Leah vs Carlotta
Leah vs Camille
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All videos are back online!

August 25th, 2012
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All videos are back online, after some technical troubles over the past few weeks. Videos S17 to S26 are available in high definition (1280×720, 50p), while the previous ones can be downloaded in standard definition format. In a few weeks the HD versions of S10 to S16 will be added to the store.

The good news: all high definition videos have been remastered in the meantime and the image quality is much better than before (better color correction, scaling algorithms, codec and higher birate). If you watch side by side the previous version (even if already HD WMV) and the new ones, you will be surprised by the progress made. If you have a big screen, now it feels like sitting there and watching the wrestling matches live!

New matches are being edited too and hopefully they should be available soon.

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September Wrestling News

September 13th, 2009

September is bringing some good news, after a quiet period:

  • some of the older videos are available for download at a very low price. For a limited time only!
  • two new videos released
  • many new matches have been filmed in the meantime and they will be published in the coming months. You’ll see both new faces and the most experienced fighters

S19 and S20 Published

September 13th, 2009

Two new videos are available for download. They were filmed during the same tournament as S17 and S18. Enjoy!

S19 Leah vs Silver

Leah vs Silver

Silver did well in her first match, but now she has to fight with someone different: Leah.

S20 Rhoan vs Leah

Rhoan vs Leah

Another epic battle between champions Leah and Rhoan. With plenty of sweating!

New Wrestling Videos

January 9th, 2009

It took some time, but here we are with two brand new wrestling videos!

S17 Silver vs Nikki

Silver vs Nikki

Two sexy newcomers on our mats: Silver (topless) and Nikki. They prefer to go for pins and we see plenty of them.

S18 Carla vs Rhoan

Carla vs Rhoan

Rhoan is lithe and fit as always. Carla doesn’t have much technique, but she’s heavier and much stronger than Rhoan. The match gets one-sided and the loser is so frustrated that she leaves the mat after a few minutes only.