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September Wrestling News

September 13th, 2009

September is bringing some good news, after a quiet period:

  • some of the older videos are available for download at a very low price. For a limited time only!
  • two new videos released
  • many new matches have been filmed in the meantime and they will be published in the coming months. You’ll see both new faces and the most experienced fighters

New Wrestling Videos

January 9th, 2009

It took some time, but here we are with two brand new wrestling videos!

S17 Silver vs Nikki

Silver vs Nikki

Two sexy newcomers on our mats: Silver (topless) and Nikki. They prefer to go for pins and we see plenty of them.

S18 Carla vs Rhoan

Carla vs Rhoan

Rhoan is lithe and fit as always. Carla doesn’t have much technique, but she’s heavier and much stronger than Rhoan. The match gets one-sided and the loser is so frustrated that she leaves the mat after a few minutes only.

Match Descriptions

July 13th, 2008

Match descriptions on this site are written trying to be as fair as possible, using the point of view of a wrestling fan rather than a salesman’s one.

We are not going to present each match as the best one ever filmed on Earth, with the most deadly and skilled girls, with unbelievable action etc. We think our visitors are smart enough to tell the difference between a honest description and a useless set of superlatives.

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Our Fighters

July 13th, 2008

We love and respect our fighters. They are not “bitches beating the shit out of each other”. Nor they are actresses rolling around on a mat.

All of them are wonderful women, brave enough to step on the mat and challenge another woman in hand-to-hand combat, knowing that it’s never going to be easy, that they’ll have to sweat and they may get some little bruises on their beautiful bodies. They are not professional fighters, just normal girls who had some quick training in wrestling techniques. Not every woman can do this, only the few ones with a good competitive spirit.

Some of our wrestlers are more talented than others, but all of them have something in common: they won’t give up easily during the fight, they’ll do their best for winning. This is what we appreciate most.

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ManilaFights started its activities almost two years ago and during this time it has grown a lot in terms of videos, visitors, customers and fans.

Still, there’s not much communication going on and the main updates to the site happen every few months only, when new videos are released. Sometimes our users would like to know what’s going on near our wrestling mats, when are we going to release new videos and which new tournaments are being filmed.

We are trying to answer these questions using our new tools:

  • our recently introduced newsletter: you can receive an email when a major update is done on the site, usually when a new video is available. This is a low-traffic newletter, it won’t have more than one post per month
  • and, of course, this brand new blog ! The blog is going to be updated more frequently, so you can be informed about major and minor news, rumors and other interesting things going on at ManilaFights

Now there are no more excuses for not staying in touch, so come back here often !

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