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July 13th, 2008 - Filed under Wrestling

Match descriptions on this site are written trying to be as fair as possible, using the point of view of a wrestling fan rather than a salesman’s one.

We are not going to present each match as the best one ever filmed on Earth, with the most deadly and skilled girls, with unbelievable action etc. We think our visitors are smart enough to tell the difference between a honest description and a useless set of superlatives.

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  1. i think you gals are sexy but there should be more move like facesiting and reverse facesiting also crotch attacks or anything like that if youl do that ill bet alot of people would be member of your site not saying that it is a bad site or anything just a preference of all men on earth lol thank you for reading this letter p.s. are you hiring lol email me when you can and tell me i my idea a good one or bad and why thank you bye.