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July 13th, 2008 - Filed under Wrestling

We love and respect our fighters. They are not “bitches beating the shit out of each other”. Nor they are actresses rolling around on a mat.

All of them are wonderful women, brave enough to step on the mat and challenge another woman in hand-to-hand combat, knowing that it’s never going to be easy, that they’ll have to sweat and they may get some little bruises on their beautiful bodies. They are not professional fighters, just normal girls who had some quick training in wrestling techniques. Not every woman can do this, only the few ones with a good competitive spirit.

Some of our wrestlers are more talented than others, but all of them have something in common: they won’t give up easily during the fight, they’ll do their best for winning. This is what we appreciate most.


  1. All the girls deserve our support. They are magnificent! What happened to Lhet? She is by far my favorite but we haven’t seen her since the early releases. That body and face and fighting spirit. Wow!! More Lhet please.

  2. We lost contact with Lhet more than one year ago. She has been away from the Philippines for some time and I’m not sure if she’s back or not. You can be sure that, if I manage to get back in touch, I’ll invite her to one of our upcoming tournaments. She’s definitely a fierce fighter !

  3. love ana, she is the prettiest of the group. hope she can come back and wrestle w/ nikki