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April Wrestling Tournament

August 4th, 2008 - Filed under Tournament

Are there any new matches coming soon from ManilaFights ? Yes, of course !


The latest wrestling tournament was filmed in April 2008 and clips will be published in the coming months. In the picture above you can see the women who wrestled (left to right): Silver, Leah, Nikki, Rhoan and Carla.


Leah and Rhoan are well known to everybody and they are our most skilled fighters.

Silver and Nikki are our sexy and lithe new entries and they are ready to start fighting under pin and submission wrestling rules, after they received their initial training.

Carla is also new to wrestling, but she comes with so much strength and energy that can she can put our champions in trouble since her very first match !

Match list:

  • Leah vs Rhoan
  • Nikki vs Silver
  • Carla vs Rhoan
  • Leah vs Silver
  • Carla vs Nikki

Not every match will end up on the web site, some of them won’t be released if their quality level is not good enough, especially if the action is too weak or too one-sided. Only real competitive wrestling here !


  1. Just was curious do you allow attendies at your tournaments if so how would someone coming from the US get a chance to visit?

  2. Right now we are not organized for accepting guests at our tournaments. That’s because we cannot communicate in advance the exact date of our filming sessions. Often we have to shift the date by a few days or weeks in the very last moment, depending on the availability of the wrestlers.

    Maybe in the future we’ll have more regular sessions over time and so we’ll be accepting guests.

  3. Thank you I totally understand. If in the future you do I would be very interested in attending please let me know.

  4. When will the new videos come out?

  5. I hope to release the first videos in a couple of weeks. Unluckily I’ve been busy with some other activities so far.

  6. Look at all those bikinis! HOT STUFF!!

  7. Wow attendees sound good. I would love to attend too. Especially if Rhoan or MJ are wrestling 🙂

  8. When will Ana come back? She is by far the most beautiful wrestler in your stable. Ana vs. Nikki would be awesome.

  9. I saw Ana last time in December 2007. I’m sorry to say that after almost 5 years it’s going to be difficult to get in touch again with her and she may not be interested anymore in wrestling.
    I agree that both Ana and Nikki are extremely pretty and they always put a good effort in their matches.

    I’ll try asking to my contacts if they are still around.