Sometimes it’s difficult to find out when matches where filmed and how they were grouped together. Here’s a quick summary of the past tournaments and their relative videos:

  • November 2004: the first matches, with Maureen, Sophia and Lhea – not the same Leah appearing later on, the ‘h’ is in a different place ! We had three fantasy matches with light action, since the small place and the lack of good mats didn’t allow for fully competitive matches.
    Only video F09 was published (Maureen vs Sophia), the other matches were not that good. Video F09 was removed later on because it was the only non-competitive match from ManilaFights and we decided to focus on real submission wrestling only
  • July 2006: the first “big” tournament with many girls and a nice location in open air. The mat was still not perfect. It worked well in quiet matches, but it was almost useless when the most aggressive women stepped on it and they ended up wrestling on the hard marble floor !
    The wrestlers: Janei, Karen, Leah, Lhet, Nicole and Rosey. From this filming session we published videos from S01 to S07 and the armwrestling clip A08. Armwrestling is now present at the beginning of many clips, but it’s not available as a separate video download
  • May 2007, with Leah , MJ and Rhoan. Videos are S10 to S13. Not many matches, but some good highlights, like the comeback of beautiful Leah and the beginning of Rhoan’s career ! Their submission-only match was so close and hard fought that we had to organize immediately a re-match between our two stars, with pin-only rules.
  • December 2007: we had Leah, Kyxx, Regina and Rhoan. You can see them wrestling in videos S14 to S16. Good action and a mix of different body types, from slim model Kyxx to powerful Regina, built like a flyweight bodybuilder. She’s easily the most athletic of our wrestlers and Leah had the hard task to try and stop her, armed only with skill and technique