Manila Fights Women Wrestling

S10 - Rhoan vs MJ

(submission wrestling, topless/bikini)





Rhoan is 5'3" and 100 lbs. She's a dancer and she was selected as a wrestler since she's one of the most energetic girls in her show. She fights topless.

MJ at 5'7" is taller and heavier, she wears a bikini and she's eager to fight.

It's always difficult to predict the winner in a match between two newcomers. The match turns out to be very even, with both girls getting controlling holds on their opponent and doing their best to make her submit.

Standard Definition (640x360)

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Tech specs: Video Duration:17 minutes, Size:132MB, Encoding:WMV9, Resolution:640x360, Video:1000 Kbps, Audio:48 Kbps

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Pictures by Gilo

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