Manila Fights Women Wrestling

S16 - Kixx vs Leah

(pin&subm wrestling, topless)



VS Leah


Leah can be sweet or she can be nasty. Here you see both sides.

She starts in a playful way, letting Kixx pin her and then bridging out easily. But after two minutes she starts showing us who's the boss, trapping Kixx in her trademark headlock and scissors combination. With an additional twist: Leah wraps Kixx's arm around her neck and starts pulling it, trying to choke Kixx.

Later on Leah start pushing her forearm into Kixx's throat and face and in the process Kixx cuts her lip. Instead of being intimidated, she continues the fight with more energy than before, catching Leah in her own scissors.

A decisive submission ends the match.

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Pictures by Gilo

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