Manila Fights Women Wrestling

S19 and S20 Published

September 13th, 2009 - Filed under Video, Wrestling

Two new videos are available for download. They were filmed during the same tournament as S17 and S18. Enjoy!

S19 Leah vs Silver

Leah vs Silver

Silver did well in her first match, but now she has to fight with someone different: Leah.

S20 Rhoan vs Leah

Rhoan vs Leah

Another epic battle between champions Leah and Rhoan. With plenty of sweating!


  1. Looks intence. I’ll bet the girl on the bottom looses!

  2. #519 Leah vs Silver. Looks like that neck scissors will be hard to escape. Good luck!

  3. I used to enjoy Asian Connection fights. Do you do any wrestling like that?

  4. I also liked Asian Connection videos. I don’t have matches with the same style, since all the current wrestlers don’t like the idea of catfighting, especially the hair pulling. They love the competition but within the rules of submission wrestling.
    Maybe in the future I’ll find some new wrestlers who will do catfights too.

  5. I saw an actual Asian Connection fight! Wow… Two little Filipinas going at each other, outdoors, on grass. Both in bikini bottoms / No Top! One girl dominated. Pinned Her opponent 3 times — the looser finally submitted. I got My picture taken with the Winner, holding Her hand in Victory.

  6. Is there any live female wrestling shows in the Philippines? I would like to hear about them. The owner of Asian Connection led a trip there awhile back, but I don’t think he does it anymore.

  7. Asian Connection stopped its activities some years ago, probably 8-10 years ago.
    I am not aware of live wrestling shows in the Philippines, except for oil wrestling at Ringside bar on Burgos St., Makati. Quality varies, usually it’s not very competitive.

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